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I’m Argo’s author. I designed the theme based on metroUI with flat design and square blocks. It’s a most striking trend at that time and there are many project follow it.

I swear, I didn’t know about [link removed] before. It looked like their design just because coincidence of arrangement. There are many factors in the design I will say the following to prove that I did not copy:

1. Grids System: metroUI was hot trend in that time. I want to use square colors blocks for my new item. I used 1170 grids system and tried to divide the squares are placed close together in even numbers to form a symmetrical site. 5 and 6 is very different to create a symmetrical layout with the correct aspect ratio. Distance to logo is completely calculate – a square.

2. Live title: I’m a believer of the metroUI. So you can see i used live title effect for images in header to make it live.

3. There are 3 options about header. However only one for main body. I want to emphasize that the header design is not all that impressive make my theme. I have a good main body with unique layout, padding and perfect pixel. A small coincidence in the header is not enough to say that this is a steal theme.

4. Color: I think it’s not important but i just want to tell you the process i made my ideas. I choose green because this is color PANTONE of the year.

Is it deserved for a “stolen” word ?