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Hey guys, I’m looking for some assistance.

I have a canvas printing client that is looking to add a feature to their website that will allow customers to upload their own images and preview it as a canvas and choose size etc. then complete the order all in one system

Here’s a working example of a similar system –

The client’s website runs on Wordpress, so a solution that could be integrated into WP is vital.

Can anyone help please? :)

Did you have any luck in finding anything with this?

I need exactly the same thing for my Photography website for selling prints and canvas, not even as exotic at a virtual living room on Point101 , just enough to show what will be printed when clients order custom sizes.

The current site I’m moving away from has a similar more basic thing which would do (see jpeg below), its a shame they want to take so much of my sales , even self fulfilled product command a silly % , which is why I’m moving away