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Hi Caden or anyone else that can help me!

I have just bought the Photorific theme and am having huge problems adding images and multiple galleries. The galleries work in other themes but when I load the Photorific them the photos are replaced by a question mark. The only image that will show up is if I create a Gallery page, insert [gallery cols=”2” max=”8”] Apply gallery attribute and then create a new page under the gallery tab and an image in “set the feature image”

I really want to create a main gallery heading with multiple galleries!

Also when adding sub menus to the main menu the “sub menus” box is to far from the parent menu, so I cannot click on them.

I would give you access to the site buy I am building it locally on my computer using Mamp.

I realise that I am probably doing something wrong. I never initially thought that there was quite so much coding involved of which I have very little knowledge!

Also is it possible to have a semi transparent background for the posts while still having the content with 100% opacity? I have tried editing the style.css file but when inserting an opacity value then everything is affected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Warm Regards, Brett