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1. How important is it to your client that the site be responsive? 2. What makes your client’s staffing agency different from other staffing agencies? Is it a niche approach to the current market? 3. As of this response the onward healthcare site URL doesn’t resolve? 4. Is Onward Healthcare solely an example of a site the client likes or is this also an example of a major competitor? 5. What’s the time frame for the project? That would heavily dictate whether a. two designs are possible and b. how many rounds should be allotted. 6. Will there be completed wireframes submitted to the chosen designer or are your clients sketches literally all they see belonging to each page? The current sketches are missing significant details and can’t be complete based on over 6yrs experience with recruiters and their websites. 7. Where will the stock photography come from for use in the designs? Is there a stock photography budget given to the designer? 8. Should the designs consider the use of Google Fonts or some other custom font implementation? 9. In addition to your clients logo and current company status do they already have defined fonts in use? If Yes what are they? 10. Is it me or is your clients sketches missing pages? Where is the “current jobs” section in his designs? Where and how does he post jobs? Is this where keeping WordPress in mind comes into play?


1. I don’t sell themes, designs, plugins or anything else in the Envato networks or elsewhere so reselling the design is not an option and ethically something I would not do. If you need to resell ideas vs creating a new specific one for each client based on their specific need and ask you’re in a world of hurt.

2. Delivering more than 1 design for $500 and offering multiple rounds is a tough one. I can definitely come up with something much better than a client can since the vast majority have zero design experience. I’ve been doing multidisciplinary design for 14yrs. Please see my portfolio.

3. I only work with milestones and a 25% deposit upfront. It’s the fairest way for clients and if they don’t like what they’re seeing they can simply pay for the milestone that’s been reached, if any and terminate the working relationship.

Overall I’m interested in this but need more details. Please contact me via the form on my website. Thanks.

Best, Steve