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Ordinarily, I consider myself a relatively savvy person when it comes to this stuff. But I’m feeling pretty inept at this moment trying to install a site template. I apologize in advance for what must be a pretty rudimentary question.

I have a domain that’s being hosted at 1&1 on which I’d like to install a theme purchased here and edit. (I purchased TRUT html/css, if that matters.)

1&1’s website builder is pretty useless in terms of themes, and I purchased the one I want. But it seems I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, and despite a massive search on this site, I can’t seem to find the exact directions on how to get myself set up properly—i.e., what pieces I need to get this theme installed.

In another airhead moment, I will divulge that I intended to purchase a WP theme for this project but ended up with what looks to be an HTML template. and as mentioned, under ordinary circumstances, I would welcome the challenge, but this in case—I am stumped.

Could somebody point me in the right direction here? The domain is too new for me to transfer elsewhere, and without spending more funds on things I may or may not need, I’d love a list of sites, services, items and other things I will need to manage this project properly. I have a Bluehost account, too—and I’m open to designing this site elsewhere and remapping to the URL I want for it, if necessary.

I’m open to just about anything at this point as I’m totally exhausted from two days of this!!

Thank you, folks.