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Wordpress Theme “Rise” has too many issues for us to use.

Not one to often complain, and as we build Wordpress sites on a weekly basis we expect to have some customization of themes to make them suitable for our use. However, this is the first time we are actually having to ‘scrap’ a purchased theme and move onto something different. We were just spending too much time trying to fix things, it will actually save us time to swap themes out and finish the site.

First of all, one MAJOR issue is the problems in the documentation. Things are missing, and syntax is wrong (eg. shortcodes syntax) in much of the documentation. This has been noted by multiple users, and unfortunately it hasn’t been updated despite multiple complaints via the comments thread. The issue was acknowledged previously, but has yet to be fixed.

There are also issues with IE compatability that have been noted multiple times by multiple users, and still hasn’t been fixed. The typical response is “Send your login info and I’ll fix it for you” as opposed to offering a solution. For some this may work, but we are on a time schedule here, and don’t have the luxury of waiting for the developer to come in and fix the site our clients are waiting on. Not to mention I feel uncomfortable handing out clients login info over the internet to anyone, even the developer.

We purchase often from Envato, and I don’t have high hopes of any type of refund or credit since we agreed to the purchase and downloaded and attempted to use the theme. At the time of writing this we have already ditched the Rise theme and moved on to another theme we purchased from Envato. However, we are extremely disappointed that we will eat the $40 due to issues that we haven’t run into in any other theme. We’ve never had an issue with quality of any products we have purchased through the Envato marketplace, and will continue to utilize the resources here. However, I am sure that you all would appreciate the feedback of an unsatisfied customer.

An excerpt we wrote in the comments section on the theme:
I think the theme looks great, but I think there are just too many issues (at least for us) to continue using this theme. We have spent more time trying to fix issues than we have actually putting the site together. At this point we are just going to eat the $40 and move onto a different theme that doesn’t have so many issues and has proper documentation. I appreciate your service in support, but I think the theme needs a lot more work before it is ready for wide-spread use. I’m sure with some more work it will eventually be a great theme.

Hopefully the problems will be fixed so users will be able to enjoy this theme in the future.

Thanks, Adam Forrester Grape Design, LLC