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Google is the best search engine to this day… but they turned to evil, so I’m using privacy concerned search engines, there are some alternatives…

· DuckDuckGo

  • Pros: open-source, nice UI, good Ideas.
  • Cons: often have poor results, DDG uses Yahoo as main results provider.

· Ixquick:

  • Pros: they have their own search engine & compares their results with other search engines, giving you a rating of it’s own result.
  • Cons: UI is ugly, privative.

· Startpage: (it’s another Search engine from Ixquick)

  • Pros: Offers you GOOGLE results. (acting like a proxy)
  • Cons: Ugly UI, Privative.

I try DDG from time to time to see if they have beter results, but until now I use my Privacy-friendly Google, aka. Startpage.

Note: these search engines are privacy-concerned, they don’t log your IP, they don’t share your data, you can allow cookies or not therefore they have another option from saving your preferences, NSA can’t see what did you search in these pages…