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Honestly, as a content purchaser, the no shopping cart on Envato has definitely turned me away from making some purchases. With multi-items I then have to make multiple purchases which costs me more time and fees. Try finding a website with more than 3 items for sale that does not have a shopping cart. It’s not only annoying for the buyer, but it is certainly costing the artists/creators sales, as I have already left the site to look elsewhere when I lack the patience/time to sit through individual purchases via PayPal. The content is great and the website is great too, but it’s more of a showcase site as opposed to a storefront.

Here is a link to a post from 2012 (2 years ago):

And a quote recognizing the need for this key component:

‘A little while ago, we promised a post about our development roadmap, as well as what has been worked on in the last year. There is a laundry list of excellent features and updates that have been waiting in our pipeline for what feels like forever. And understandably there’s a lot of questioning on the forums over why they haven’t materialized yet. Search improvements, ratings improvements, a shopping cart, item support tools, affiliate campaigns and analytics, license improvements and the list goes on. It’s a list of things that would make buying better, selling better, and alleviate problems left, right and center. The long and the short is that a lot of these types of improvements keep getting put on hold as we cope with growth and expansion.’

Adding a shopping cart is not an ‘extra feature.’ It’s something that you need to have as an integral part of your shopping process. Also, why is this in the pipeline? It takes less than an hour to set-up a cart. I dislike being critical of the site because I love what it can do, but this is really hard to understand. So much so that I took the time to write this response instead of shopping on Envato.