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I purchased the Kauri-Theme – and I cannot believe it, but I really managed to setup my own shop quite easily, although I have only very very few ideas of programming.

However I worked all night through but could , unfortunately not find a solution to the following points:

1. Translation I used the Poedit program like suggested, translated the .pot file, renamed it and most of the words are really translated. But: When looking at items the button “view details” – this is still Englisch and on the left top is a drop-down menu still showing “product categories”. Also, at the products there is still “Description and More Info”.

Can you give me a hint where to change this? I have used the e-commerce plugin that was delivered and this is obviously already in German ….

2. Another problem in Germany: I really have to show the Terms and Conditions. I put some text in the box showing up at the e-commerce admin navigation. At checkout there is appears then a thickbox showing up with the German text “I have read the t & c” and even the “t & c” is linked. But when you click on the link nothing happens. There should appear a POP UP showing the text – but this does not happen. Please, I really worked on that for hooouuurs – but without this I cannot go online ….

3. I finally managed the shop to calculate the final shipping costs. This should be quite easy: I do have flat rates: national: 4 Euro, international 5,50 Euro. This works when I use the navigation “shipping” at the e-commerce plugin. But there is also a box to fill in the shipping costs at the products page. When I fill in an amount there also, the shipping costs are doubled at checkout. When I leave it blank the shipping costs are calculated correctly when check-out but unfortunately when you look at the product there is under the product price then written: “Shipping Cost = 0 Euro”. How can I NOT SHOW the shipping costs on the product page?

4. The last thing is more cosmetic. I managed to adjust all colors. But when hovering over linked text is changes to “red”. How can I change this?

And: On the home page I use as second box the 3 latest posts. The background there appears still in green – I would rather prefer some kind of blue – how can I change this?

I am sorry if this is so much text to read and I apologize for my English – hope you understand and I would be sooo glad if you could help!! (I’m better at crafting than programming….)

THANK you and regards from Germany.