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Hey Andrew …

I’ve been I.T contracting in Australia for more than 10 years now (in Sydney) .... it’s definately NOT booming (any more).

I currently contract for one of the big Investments Banks – they are laying people off, and downsizing hourly rates for those lucky enough to survive.

Its basically the same sort of story for all my mates in different I.T companies/industries.


I heard that everyone in Australia must have a boomerang. It’s kind of like their form of identification. Write that down…

Hahaha! I love that. I’ve got one, comes in handy occasionally :P

I’m in Australia, Sydney specifically.

No, but seriously Zigmat the IT industry in Australia is booming and suffering at the same time. It’s generally booming as technology in Australia is becoming more advanced, but it’s suffering as the Recession is hitting businesses causing them to have to knock off some workers and so on.

If you want to drop me an email i can give you a list of some good sites to find Australian related IT work – one or two specifically IT related too.

Housing in Australia, especially Cities are becoming expensive and also you’ll have to bring lots of money depending on your Currency as I’m paying almost double for things in USD that i buy :(

I suggest taking a trip over here (only if you can afford it) and have a look around, make yourself familiar with what goes on and how things work. Then you can visit the Immigration office and have a chat with them about whats required, etc…

Though, think and plan this out very well as it always pays to be prepared too.

Thanks, Andrew