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Hi Envato Team. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve been putting towards improving the site. I do like a lot of the changes. Unfortunately the changes to search, seem to have severely broken search results.

For example, my “Phone Kit 5s App Video Kit” which was one of the top selling (both in rate and volume) iPhone related templates and within the top 5 of the previous search results for “iPhone” is now found near the bottom of the 3rd page. The worst part, is that I cannot understand where the logic for the new search results comes from. It seems to weigh heavily on: 1. Strangely, old templates that don’t seem relevant or popular are now popping ahead of alot of previously better selling templates. 2. Items that actually contain “iPhone” .. which makes sense to me except that I was told to strike the word ” iPhone” from my product title when I initially submitted it. Yet I see that the top results contain newer projects that contain that word. Have the rules changed?

The jumbling of the search results not only applies to me, but is extremely evident for a lot of other sellers as seen from the above comments. One of your highest selling Videohive templates ever (again both in volume and rate in the category), Ex7Reme’s “Tablet Commercial” seems to have practically disappeared off results for “iPad”, whereas it used to be within the top 3,(once again giving preference to items that were allowed to have the words “iPad” in the title.) not to mention it has likewise been pushed down severely for searches of “Tablet”

Here are my two recommendations:

1. Disable the new search until all issues are resolved. Maybe you can even beta test the new search amongst certain users who could opt-in until it is fixed. I’d definitely be more than happy to help.

2. Clarify rules for trademarked names like “iPhone” or “iPad” so we can have a fair playing field across the board.

As it is, these issues are making it incredibly unfair not just for me but for, I feel, many of the sellers on this site. Please roll back search and allow the issues involved to be addressed first. I’m sure many of us would be happy to help you out with this.