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I’m curious about the minutia of the issue here:

If the issue is that these themes included a GPL ‘Premium’ plug-in, and that practice is frowned upon and they were removed as the result of it, then why is Avada on the market?

Avada includes Woo’s Flexslider. Is that not a GPL ‘Premium plug-in?’

From their sales page: “Includes Beautiful FlexSlider plugin – $35 Value”

I have nothing against Avada. I’m a developer, building a theme, and want clarification as-to the ‘rules of the road,’ so to speak. It seems strange that this discourse is happening over one theme and not another.

To be direct:

Primary question: What is the themeforest policy regarding the inclusion of GPL ‘Premium Plug-ins?’

Secondary question: If there is an exception to the rule that allows avada to use these, but not others, what is it? This is an important point.

I think transparency is important. I hope themeforest does too. I would like clarity on these matters. I think it would benefit others, too.