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Hey guys,

Hopefully someone can help me out here. I have a client that is using this theme, Rise, on their Wordpress site. The site is meant to be set up as a blog, so the homepage should display all of the posts that they have published.

I have the Home page set to use the “Blog” template in the template drop down list where you can edit the pages. This makes the page display a set number of posts, which can be changed in the Reading section of the Wordpress settings. At the bottom of the home page there are page numbers that you can click to go through to the next set of posts, 10 in this case.

The problem is that when the next page is clicked it will redisplay what was on the first page (the first 10 posts). I have spent quite a bit of time searching through forums and haven’t so much as found someone with the same issue.

You can visit the site at to see what I am talking about. Scroll to the bottom of the page and try to click next or any of the page numbers. The url changes but the posts don’t.

I have tried changing the Reading settings to display recent posts on the front page rather than setting static pages, which is the way it was originally. Right now these are the settings I have in the Reading options:

I am hoping that someone has encountered this problem and has a solution. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as well.