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By no means am I trying to offend ANY authors , please know that before you read on.

However, recently it’s been very evident that the ADMIN themes that are being published on the site are quite simple a slight variation of dozens of others already listed for sale.

We get it, you guys know how to use Jquery’s plugins ( charts, modals, etc etc etc )

Nothing is fresh.

Query the top sellers , and tell me if you see a similarity?

Now, that being said, I realize this site is about the user having a wide variety of choices to pick from for his clients site, and since we are here shopping, evidently we don’t want to design it for ourselves, right? I understand that. BUT ….

Suggestion to Authors:

Let’s try something different. We ( myself and others in my company ) would love to see something original. Something not done before. Something new.

Yeah, we know you have to pay your bills , who doesn’t – but rather than mass produce the same ADMIN template with different color schemes and slightly different grid layouts dozens of times over, with the same plugins and same JS effects, and same CSS (albeit modified) – we would love to see something ELSE .

... not sure WHAT , but, something ELSE would be nice in this category.

Finally, I want to make it clear we appreciate all of the authors hard work. Especially in this category.