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Two ideas:

1) I don’t know if this has been suggested allready, but I would like to see a QR Barcode linking to the url of the respective ‘Live Preview’ website. Especially for the latest trend in responsive webdesign on themeforest, i’d be delighted to instantly check the real deal on my smartphone/tablet without too much hassle.

2) In terms of searching for themes, I like the part where I can hover over a thumbnail to see the actual design preview. However, when I am cruising through, page after page, it becomes a little bit too impractical to hover over every thumbnail on the search page. Perhaps it’s an idea to start thinking – as themeforest’s database is growing larger every day – to enable the use of product preview image as the thumbnail. This might result in bigger thumbnails on the search pages? For example, I am a huge fan of the search function :)

I hope it helps. I really like the approach Envato is taking with all the subsites. I really love the high quality of the products. Thanks!


Thanks for considering.