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Hi Gioska,

Great start, really liking the bold loader.

A few points: 1. The loading slider – with the 80%, the background animation isn’t smooth, jolts back to the beginning

2. The twitter logo is a bit too large. Maybe the way you wanted it but think it would look fantastic as just the bird with the tweet to the right of the image.

3. The site looks like its quite bold – which is awesome. The email address input would suit the style better if it too was a bit chunkier / thicker.

4. Use web fonts for the sites title as opposed to images.

General feedback – would be nice if you didn’t have to scroll. I have a MBPr 15” and whilst it’s not the biggest screen I think it’s sufficient – would be nice to see it all on the one page. The section I pasted in below isn’t how most English speakers might convey that idea.

“We have been spending long hours in order to launch our new website. We will offer freebies, resources and featured content of our latest work. Join our mailing list or follow us onFacebook or Twitter to stay up to date.”

You could try

“We have been working hard to bring you a new, fantastic, user friendly website. We’ll have some freebies, resources and featured content when we launch. Join our mailing list below or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to find out. See you soon”

Obviously it is just placeholder text but could assist with the odd sale here and there.

Overall though it’s looking really good. Simple. Bold. Stylish.

Well done and best of luck with the sales. Cheers, ZB