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Why not keep the description in a text file and save it with the template/theme. I mean, I keep archives of all my work so each time I build a template or even just a website for a client I keep all the files, even a template description saved as a text file within the template archive.

I don’t paste the description with rejections because I didn’t know this was a hassle for some people as I assumed everyone saved their description for reuse. Not saving your description is kind of like not saving your help file in my opinion. :P

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Yeah, I’ve had that problem and now I save the description as a .txt file on my HD. Great point.

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I think most authors go through this little headache at least once – that is – submitting a file after writing a long description – only to have it rejected (which is normal, most themes I submit get rejected 1 or 2 times) and lose the description. Now I just write the description in a Word doc and copy/paste when I’m ready to upload. It’s a work-around, not a solution.

Still – as Jeffrey suggests – there’s a lot of room for improvement with the entire submission system. That’s not to say the current system is bad or broken, it’s pretty typical to make mistakes and learn from them on a first-release of any complex process like this.

I for one would love it if my submission was saved and put into a “awaiting revisions” status after I receive the first rejection feedback. I understand that I’d have to re-upload my files after I make edits, but it makes sense to keep the original upload in the system rather than trashing it outright and starting from scratch. For the sake of saving resources on the server, maybe these “rejected submissions” delete themselves if left alone for 30 days, but it seems pretty reasonable to keep them on file in the system for a month. This also seems like it’d make more sense from the review standpoint, as any reviewer could see the entire thread of previous reviewer’s feedback on the same page.

I’m sure these are all ideas already in the works as part of the redesign, but what do you guys think? Any thoughts?