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This past year there where several groups and individuals whom decided to push themselves creatively by either presenting a daily artistic inspiration, resource file or tutorial. I’ve seen items such as the Ark Project and the Black Rock Collective Card set where artists came together to create really incredible artistic endeavors.

I think that those who got involved benefited from these projects in many ways.

I was wondering what the authors here are going to do in 2011 creatively? I’m also wondering if anyone else would like to pull together and contribute to some form of group effort that would allow us to grow as artists in our respective areas?

Some ideas
  • Weekly theme (similar to Illustration Friday)
  • Collective work based on a single theme (The Ark Project, skate decks, UI components, Mimis, icons, etc.)
  • Sketch Bomb – Just pencil and paper illustrations
  • Pass-around – Basically One person creates a project and then the next person takes that project and is inspired or builds on it and passes it to the next and so on. Similar to the group wallpaper we did a while ago.
  • Envato Illustrators Collective – We all create assets together and sell as a single file and/or package in the marketplace.

These are just some quick thoughts. I’m wondering what if any the interest might be?

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