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if you from Moscow, and you have there the apartment, audiojungle can leave in Thailand as hobby))). you understood me)

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If you value your life don’t move, Thailand is a very corrupt country and they treat killing, robbing foreigners like a business. Do you own research, otherwise you may end up as the many foreigners that apparently go on vacation to “kill themselves” by jumping from the roof with their hands/legs tied up.

This a rather high point of discussion really; Corruption is everywhere in every country of the world. Here is just more “open” to the public. To get threatened you must either done a very bad thing like “loose face” or end up not paying the “bar fine”. The robbing part it certainly depends where the hell you go at night, but I have walked in the slums of Bangkok at 4am and I certainly feel safer than in some streets of London or Spain.

The foreigners that are found tied up and “suicided” have obviously crossed up with either mafia or made a fatal mistake with them. Its not common, but its well known. If you see an scorpion tatoo, turn away. Or if by instance, one like drugs, this is not the country to live in.

But all and all, Thailand is by far of greater living standards than the whole of Europe.

I would have to agree 100%. My own family gets worried whenever I travel and act like somebody is going to hurt or kill me. The reality is the world in general is corrupt and not safe. Keep in mind that propaganda is everywhere too. Countries will bash other countries for not being safe, etc. Simply mind your own business, know at least some self defense tactics, and anytime you feel uncomfortable just leave.