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Is there an answer for this quesion? As exclusive themeforest author, can we sell GPL wordpress theme on themeforest as well as our own site?

Can you sell GPL WordPress themes on ThemeForest as well as DIFFERENT themes on your own site if you have signed on to be an exclusive author with Envato? YES.

Can you sell the exact SAME GPL WordPress themes on your own site that you are selling on ThemeForest if you have signed on to be an exclusive author with Envato? NO.

If you’ve signed on to sell themes exclusively on ThemeForest that has nothing to do with the GPL and license that the themes you sell via ThemeForest use.

The fact that you have chosen to release the code as GPL doesn’t change the fact that you have signed an agreement with Envato to sell the theme in question exclusively via ThemeForest. Therefore you couldn’t sell that theme on your own site. GPL or non-GPL.

The GPL is about the end user. Not the author.

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Appreciate you still being here Carl, I’ve gone to bed and it’s a whole new day here and you’re still answering questions! :)

If you sold GravityForms on CodeCanyon then I’m pretty sure you’d have to give updates for life, so could only restrict the site licenses to support (which is hard to police anyway).

Also, you couldn’t sell the 3 site license and the developer license, as those don’t exist here. Typically new functionality takes 18 months or more for Envato to implement, so you wouldn’t have it all that soon either.

Then, if like us, you were exclusive, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t sell the other support licenses yourself without Envato being unhappy about it.

Perhaps from a legal perspective there is no difference, but in reality a marketplace is different from a private theme / plugin shop.

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Envato team

Hey guys, locking this thread up so we can centralize all the Q&A over on my new thread!

I don’t think there are too many subdiscussions, apologies if there are – just thought this was the best way to make sure everyone was on the same page regarding answers.