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If you ever read any of my advice you’ll think I sound like a broken record, but hey.

Focus on Typography!

Look at some of the strongest brands today, coca-cola for example, strong type work first, ‘logo’ or ‘emblem’ second. Try create a concept, use the rhythm and fluidity of the type you choose to help create a brand first, worry about the emblem second.

Frankly, and it shows, you’re clearly trying to get by with a ‘hack’ attitude, instead, try boning up on your type and font knowledge. Typographers have dedicated their entire lives to just a couple of fonts in some cases, so take the time and respect to at least understand why the spacing between ‘RIV’ in greendrive is too close together and needs some additional letter spacing.


Try the above tutorial, that will get you going on letter spacing (kerning).

As far as your font choices go, I think you need to go a little more original (not myriad or helvetica as you have used), there are some great sans-serif fonts out there, just steer clear of dafont.com try fontsquirrel.com instead, aller is quite a beautiful font, and free also!

Anyway, don’t give up, but put in some effort in learning design and typography theory before putting just basic design awareness to play.

Peace Tommus

But i remember you adviced me once before to NEVER EVER EVER ADJUST FONT KERNING , just use a different font completely.

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Hey Amrhamza,

It’s good to see you’ve had design accepted and they’re selling great! I’m sure I’ve contradicted myself many times on here, I’m sorry if in that I’ve caused you any confusion, I guess we should always remember design is subjective, and anything posted in these forums is mearly opinion.

I truly do beleive 80% of the rejects on GR happen because of a lack of focus and understanding on typography, but I have to say that any advice I give is per design, and should always be taken as my opinion, and not fact. Again, sorry!

With regardds to adjusting Kerning, feel free to adjust, but be careful! I mentioned this to the OP with regards to individual letter kerning (‘RIV’) not whole font kerning. I mention type theory because if you understand what you’re dealing with, you can make informed decisions which can help build a brand all on their own.

Have a quick read of this http://www.creativepro.com/blog/typetalk-when-custom-kern

This small blog post illustrates why I mentioned single letter kerning, although OP has a lot to work on, I always like to try focus on type.

Hope this helps guys, sorry again for any confusion or contradictions.


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Have a quick read of this http://www.creativepro.com/blog/typetalk-when-custom-kern

The link is good in general but you can’t really change the font if you want it to get approved on GR. The font must stay editable, therefore you are limited in typograpyhy. Only space fixing can bo done.

btw, it’s nice to read your comments (:

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Thanks for the help everyone!