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I am losing my nerves (and my partner will become a heart attack), after two soft rejections, the third attempt was hard rejected. Here the last two reasons:

This is a really interesting concept but the template needs significant work in terms of typography.

The color scheme of your design needs more tweaks. Take a look at using a service like Adobe Kuler or ColourLovers to make this file more unique and original by using a more sophisticated colour palette.

Please keep in mind that the issues mentioned above may not be all the issues that need to be improved or fixed. You should review your submission to ensure any additional issues not listed above have been fixed before resubmitting.

And finally for the gravestone:

I’m sorry but the earlier review stands. I’m not seeing sufficient improvements here. Your item does not provide a unique enough design with the necessary design quality for ThemeForest. As higher quality templates become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality. Usually, I’d be able to provide more specific feedback but I’m afraid that isn’t the case here. Every aspect of your design will need to be improved significantly. You will need to make some additional improvements in overall aesthetics and aspects such as typography and the quality of the graphics.

I have no idea what he wants improved, for me it sounds random.

Here is the demo:


Maybe you have some idea. :-(

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For one thing, the theme should have more padding/width on the sides. Smaller main body font would make the theme look more sophisticated(which would mean you may have to reduce the sizes of most of the other text too), and the features section seems a little like template overkill; I would remove or replace it if I were you. Also, the portfolio section could use better/smoother hover effects. :)

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It would be better a transition effect on hover for portfolio items.

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the color is not good!