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A bit offtopic (unrelated to video itself) but I wanna to share: What I usually do is trying to smile whenever I can, wherever I can. Even while walking in the streets, I try to smile. The first reason: I’ve read that even a forced smile makes you feel a little bit better/happier (because it makes brain “demand” creation of certain hormones) and the second reason: I might make somebody else smile.

Now imagine if at least 20% more of population was happier. Things would be much better in the world. Most bad things in the world happen because people are sad/angry/unsatisfied/etc etc…

And it’s free, doesn’t demand any extra time or special effort… ;)

And on topic: even though he did film his actions (and I agree with the comment about that being a bit selfish), it still is nice thing to at least rise the awareness about the need to be kind and positive…

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@KamilWaheed great video man, I’m glade to see Im not the only one who helps people for no reason. I never thought of doing a few like this but now I am going to I think.


The world is always in a dire need of motivation. Its absolutely crucial to keep refreshing your motivation. Let it be through books, music, movies, or videos like this.

Even though I, personally, try to keep doing such small acts of kindness, but I constantly find myself slipping away into daily routine of mundane tasks, not being able to keep myself motivated.

If this video or any other content for that matter, makes a person recover his sense of motivation even for the briefest of time, I think it serves the purpose for the author.

Talking about whether the author would do this out of his personal benefit or not, I think its just how you look at it. Might as well could be that he does thousands of such small acts of kindness consciously or unconsciously everyday(which he likes to keep a secret to himself), and he wanted to record just a few of them and compile them in a nice looking video to motivate others and show how easily every one of us is able to contribute towards a better life for others. Could be the other way around as well.

I actually agree with VF that the best of the kind acts are the ones that happen un-intentionally and go unnoticed because they come from the purity of heart towards a person or a matter.