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Anyone have any knowledge of the 365 life theme, seem to be having a problem with slider on main page , was working fine till last night, I only noticed this problem today , I did however install a widget , also now the images which are in the slider are used as background images , have disappeared from each page, absolutely stumped.

Thanks in advance

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I did have same problem fix it by turning off all slider and deleted pic. Then re-upload theme in newes ver. and re-upload pic -> turn on sliders and work if not -> Try all of these: The image must be hosted on your domain. This is for security reasons. The folder 365Life/scripts/cache should have 777 permissions. If this doesn’t work, try giving 755 permissions to cache. See here on how to give files and folders permissions (called CHMODing). Make sure your server has the GD library for PHP enabled. Ask your hosting provider, if you don’t know what this means.

Make sure that you don’t add www if your site doesn’t use it. Go to http://www.yourdo- main.com . If you are redirected to http://yourdomain.com , then don’t add www. The reverse also applies. If absolute image paths (http://domain.com/uploads/image.jpg) don’t work, try using relative paths (/uploads/image.jpg)

If you try to resize a massive image (a few MB in size, for example), you will run into problems. try reducing the quality of the image.

If you are hosted with HostGator or if you are not sure what’s wrong, ask your hosts; often, the mod_security settings play havoc with TimThumb. Your hosts will have to allow usage of TimThumb.

If you are using bitmap(.bmp) images and just changing the extension to .jpg. While this may seem like a great idea, a computer isn’t so easily fooled. You must change the extension correctly(eg by opening the image in Photoshop and saving it as JPG).

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Did you happen to upgrade to WordPress 3.5? I noticed one of my sliders stopped working after I did the update. The author fortunately had an update and I just needed to replace the js folder with the updated one.