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Hi all I just got my first bach of images reviewed and i have some questions

My work here is purely 3d generated images I had couple of images accepted and a few rejected for the folowing reason:

“Unfortunately we’re not able to accept your submission as it would be better suited for sale at our sister marketplace, http://GraphicRiver.net"

I am not interested in selling this type of images on graphicriver simply because 3d renders doesn’t sell well on that market. I have analysed graphicriver and the sales of 3d renders there. Conclusion was that graphicriver is mainly “psd source” market.

Also there’s this policy:

“variations allows up to three files or file packs based on the same source material or central concept.”

This rule may apply on graphic river but it can’t be applied in a microstock sites like photodune If you don’t understand what i mean, just look at any portfolio on photodune, you will find for example a girl shoot in dozens of different poses wearing same clothes That’s a “same source material or central concept” isnt’t it?

So my question is can i state for the reviewer that i don’t want to submit my files to graphicriver so my files gets accepted here?

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hi, I sometimes also have got such situations, some accept and others refer to graphic river.

You can use “this reviewer Comments” box to explain why the image should be accepted to photodune, you can also give a link to a similar already approved.

But I advise you to put these images on Graphic River where you should get more sales. It is worth trying to put them here and there