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Hi all,

I do this :

I’ve spend many months working on this to define a process and create action script in both Illustrator/Photoshop + textures to create this high quality map.

All of this, to stick perfectly to envato guidelines ! It’s simple, high-def, unique, well documented, pretty (from my point of view, of course), copyrights free, etc…

My first item was accepted so I’m not so bad (at least a good point) :p But after three submit, all of them was rejected !!!

In order to maintain a library that is orderly and browsing-friendly, GraphicRiver’s policy on variations allows up to three files or file packs based on the same source material or central concept.

I cant do a pack because each map is more than 300Mo… And it dont fit the client need and even mine.

What should I do ? Ask for a special permission ? Does it exist ? Asking who ?

I understand this rule but it cant really apply for map ? Especially because I dont think it will mess around in the search result ! While typing : “Australia map” only one result from my set will appear… I can engage myself to use only 2 keywords (map + australia) is there a chance in this way ?

I’m really disapointed with this, also because I never saw this rule before starting this project. And because of the automated response too I feel like David against Goliath :o(

Thanks for all to read me, I feel already better !

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Make smaller bundles (e.g., Americas, Afro-Eurasia, etc.).