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If you think about it like a normal job though, it’s the same idea as getting a raise the longer you work. The jobs I’ve worked only gave raises every 6 months assuming you were doing outstanding work and once a year if you’re at least doing the job you’re hired to do. The biggest raise I ever received was $1/hr which was a lot for the places I worked considering I wasn’t being promoted or anything.

Now think about the commission system. You start at 40% and after the first $1,950 you get a raise. That could happen in a year if you hardly sell any items or it could happen in less than a month if you work hard. If you worked hard and had high quality work, you could probably reach 45% within the first 6 months. By the end of the first year, you could be at 48-50%.

So, the opportunity of getting a 10% raise (or more) within the first year of work here is pretty awesome. It’s going to take awhile to hit 70% but you never reach the top in a normal job after the first year or two (unless you’re some sort of crazy rockstar).

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Dude it will take years for 9 outta 10 developers on here to ever hit that number if they even hit it. It’s simply an ingenious marketing ploy by Envato.

A few guys over on the Den have a much better chance at that.