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Just want to share this article:


Normally these kind of post are full of bashing, ignorance and contains untruthful facts about the actual state of web technology but this one was quite well written with many fair points. More than that, it features ActiveDen as a popular source repository of flash component. The final thought is something worth thinking about:

Final thoughts: I would argue that Flash is by no means a dead technology. Actionscript development is still heavily influencing web games, animated websites, and other copy-protected dynamic content. The Flash browser plugin is also a staple install for new PCs and Macs alike. It’s hard to believe that Flash will ever completely phase out of existence unless some other better technology can take its place. But we can see today that more standards are being implemented for web-based media players. HTML5 audio and video support has opened new standards for web developers to push away from the default Flash fallback. These newer HTML5 semantics not only support desktop browsers, but also most of the smartphones and tablets in the market today. If you have any similar thoughts or ideas on the future bearings of Adobe Flash you can share with us in the post discussion area below.
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ill take from that Article “Flash has fallen off a cliff is within the web development community”.

there is no flash hope right now Rim ….. very hard making money from flash like we use to make