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Hello people , I have been browsing here and have seen very nice themes here. I was interested to get a website for myself. More like a portfolio for a designer (more business oriented). The thing is i dont know coding at all. So i mean even if i buy a site/theme from here and then buy domain. Do i need to know coding for putting up my site my way. Or is there easy instruction given. And are wordpress sites SEO friendly? I mean how would i make these themes optimized for search engine. As i have not personally coded them. It would be nice if some one help me out. Because i was considering about getting a wordpress theme for myself!

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well if you are not a good coder, a wordpress theme is the best solution for you. Some themes are SEO optimized, but you should check that with the author of one specific theme. Wordpress themes are easy to work with and you always get instructions on changing and customizing it. Just make shure that the theme is SEo optimized and you’re good to go.. Even if it’s not optimized, there are some really cool plugins for that, like http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/. Hope this helps, good luck :)


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As Pixel-industry said it sounds like WP themes are the best option for you – most on here are SEO friendly and there are bundles of plugins that you can add that will make optimisation easy to set up and improve.

It is worth noting (as this is a confusion for quite a few new buyers), what you are buying is a pre designed site or a Wordpress theme. Many authors do provide support (within reason) although they are not obliged to in any way and all fiels come with documentation, which should answer most technical questions and act as a guideline.

What you are NOT buying is a hand holding service to make the site exact customised to your desires or any form of basic technical tutorial. The point here is that like building a house – you can buy the parts but to make it just right requires some skills and knowledge. The same goes for buying here – yes templates or themes offer a very cost effective and time saving solution and the standard is very high here BUT you will need some basic understanding of how HTML /CSS or PHP works for site templates and some basic knowledge of Wordpress and how that operates to upload it to your site and to ”...put up the site your way”.

Very rarely do people want the site to look exactly the same as the demo with no differences and often when people run into problems they can become frustrated easily.

As long as you understand what you are getting into and what you are paying for then this is a great way to get a site up and running quickly. good luck