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||+521137|felt_tips said-|| I don’t think there’s a huge feature set or speed hike to require anyone to use 5.5 just yet.

It’s not like the difference between CS4 and CS5 .

But I read somewhere the other day that Adobe is going over to a system of releasing a 0.5 and a full version in alternate years. I don’t know how much there is to that, but if that is the case, then I think it’s worthwhile looking at allowing X.5 projects 6 months or so after the app’s released.

Or maybe even straightaway after the application’s released. Envato has always been pretty keen to let the market regulate itself and I don’t see any reason to do it differently in this instance.

So..i think i must wait to make a new project using CS5 .5 until adobe release CS6 .