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Hi guys,

just wanted to share my first experience with Adobe Edge Inspect, which is currently available for free on http://html.adobe.com/ (not affiliated in any form).

After a quick install I had the environment up and running in no time, being able to inspect all my websites online. It is basically similar to the chrome developer tools – giving the ability to move over the markup and have it highlighted on your phone. It is also possible to modify the markup to some extend and the css, seeing in real time what has been changed and what remains.

Actually I’m really glad that I have tried it because it will really help every webdeveloper who builds websites/webapps for mobiles, and I really can recommend everyone to use it.

It also has the ability to take screenshots from your phone, which makes it really easy to generate demo content for the theme description.

So if you’re looking for a solution which helps you develop better mobile interfaces you should definitely try it out. :)