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In 2011, Adobe released a beta version of Adobe Muse. If you used Muse back then, you may recall that it was rough around the edges. Fast forward two years and Muse is now a much better product. Our research has shown that Muse presents a small, but growing opportunity for authors. Today, we’re announcing the upcoming launch of Adobe Muse Templates in Themeforest. As an author, you should see the Muse Template category in the author dashboard. The submission guidelines will be released on July 3, 2013 and we will start accepting your submissions shortly thereafter.



Here is the launched category: Adobe Muse Templates

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Very good information tough. Some people recently asked about Adobe Muse but i replied them I don’t know.

Anyone know Adobe Muse good? Some one said ‘Don’t need to write code just build it’.

Thanks guys.

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We have been playing with this for fun – it has definitely got better since they updated it earlier this year.

It definitely does what it says on the tin – it is a website tool for GRAPHIC DESIGNERS.

There are some nice touches and some new clever features (esp “master page” idea) BUT to us it is not in any way a replacement for traditional methods, with issues around weak semantics in the code and over complex methods to insert tags, GA and editing widgets etc.

Primarily for here my concern is going to be that buyers (just like with other platforms and file types here) will assume that with some basic graphic knowledge they will be able to edit/create greatness and while we have only played a little with it, it does appear that the level of experience in graphic design required to really benefit from it is quite high.

That all said it will appeal to designers and it is definitely a gap in the market for templates where TF can lead the way.