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I would like to share a suggestion to improve the affiliates program that will not just help the affiliates but also the authors and envato markets as well.

Why Need Better Affiliates Program

As a blogger would like to put top class themes and other items on my blog not just for sales but also to share with the world. Unfortunately currently envato did not have the detailed program in this regard. If someone wants to add any desired item as advertisement he has to spend time to create the banner manually of just one item. If someone wants to add new item or edit the old advertisement then needs to do everything manually again. I am sure people do not like to do this static work manually. Ready made banners available in the market places are based on very old technique and has no attraction for buyers.

How to Improve the Affiliates System

A system that offers dynamic codes/scripts of selling items. Affiliates can create custom banners/adverts for their website. Affiliates should be able to select the desired category or items to show in their banner/adverts.

For example: Affiliate selected the wordpress category and 5 desired themes from available lists in their accounts. They copy that code and and paste on their site as banner script. At user end banner start showing those 5 selected themes. It is something similar to Google Adword/Adsense


Affiliates get their desired items on their site easily and very quickly and they can edit it whenever they want in seconds. Items from envato market place get more exposure on the other websites. Blogger/Publisher can offer their own choosed items to their readers. More sales will be generated. Authors and envato get more profit.

Hope that envato will consider this suggestion to improve the affiliates program.