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Hi there,

I just developed a game with Air for iOS using Starling extensively.

When it comes to supporting both landscape and portrait mode it is all fine on iOS. The iOS operating system handles this perfectly.

However when it comes to Android it is a terrible mess. Every time someone rotates the device the complete graphic context gets lost. That means that every texture and graphic you have in the GPU memory gets suddenly lost. Thus you have to reupload all your assets to the GPU again. Since this uploading to the GPU is a quite expensive operation and may take a lot of time I finally came to the conlusion that my new game will not be available on the Android. Shame on it!

Has someone heard about a practical solution to this? I know it is on the Adobe Air issues list. But if I code in native Java for Android do we have the same issue?

Regards, Devarai

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you should post this on starling forum,i think they will tell you how to fix this.

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I’m curious

How many sizes the Android phones have ?

Is there a most popular size ?

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Hi Devarai , maybe you’re already aware of this but, anyway, iPhone doesn’t change its screen size to both landscape or portrait modes. It simply uses the same screen width as it does at the portrait mode for both landscape and portrait. It only zooms the content a little bit at the landscape mode on IOS iPhone.

Wish you the very best and keep up the fantastic work ! :)