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I have a cool announcement to make! couple of weeks ago I had promised an android app on the forum and now it’s ready. I’m calling it V1.0 as I am going to do a lot of upgrades as time goes so it will be as informative as possible. talking about it is a shameless self-promotion I guess but I think I deserve it as I have been working on it for 6 months :)

check out the app here: http://extras.envato.com/mobile-apps/my-market-app/

I have also developed a totally free php ticket system by which you can manage your buyers! they can create a ticket with providing their purchase id and you will know that they have purchased your item and they are asking for help.

this ticket system comes with a knowledge base which you can create articles or FAQ pages about your items. This will increase the trust of your buyers for sure.

here you can download the ticket system: http://extras.envato.com/services/my-market-ticket-system/

and on top of these, if you have the ticket system and the app, you can join them together and you will have a lot of cool features in your app! I have talked about these features in the app.

please help yourself and download these two applications. I’m sure you’ll love them as our goal in this market is mainly making high quality software with a good support and having the right tools will do the job efficiently.

Please let me know what do you think about these two applications and if there are any features you’d like to be added, please do let me know and if it’s not already in my to-do list, I will add it.

Regards, MyFlashLab Team