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Hi Everyone,

Just planning on studying javascript framework. Which of the two do you recommend the most? Thanks

Cheers, phpbits

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You can check a sample app written in many popular frameworks here http://todomvc.com/ https://github.com/tastejs/todomvc/tree/gh-pages/architecture-examples and decide based on code, backbone is the most common and mostly used with http://marionettejs.com/ or http://chaplinjs.org/ but pretty old.

Angular approach seems pretty messy for me, having all the bindings and stuff in html attributes makes thing hard to maintain having to go forth and back between code and attributes on the other hand underscore template engine used in backbone and clones messes html as well by polluting them with brackets.

Most js frameworks do a good job on separating stuff and are useful in very big apps but all fail on the view part making it hard to maintain, is beyond me why having the power of DOM they treat the view as a string like on server side.

Also depending on the complexity of your app and how big it is, a js framework maybe overkill, there is the learning curve, many things that will bloat and increase your code only to respect the framework conventions etc after studying all the examples in there I liked the jQuery example the most, minimum organization to keep things maintainable and let’s your app evolve in it’s own way.