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This is what buyer received from this scummer:

We hope you are doing good. Further let me introduce my self, i am bug fixing associate from Diabolique.
Recenty we received your support request with regards to latest topics on frontpage, which appeared nothing.
Further we did received a lot of queries from all our customers who purchased our theme from various platforms,
and so we were late in replying back to you. We regret for the inconvenience caused to you.
Further we have rectified the bug, with the help of buddypress professionals. As a measure we are not allowed
to upload the latest updates instantaneously on themeforest.net [1] as we have lot of queries which has arrived to our
reputation level.

We need to make some necessary changes in the css, and action files which gets the feed from the latest topics,
so we request you to please mail us the original downloaded files of theme which you unpacked from the zip format.
as we need to check and update the same codes for better functioning.

As the solution provided by Principal Author is not tested. As a result the theme is not stable,
please mail us the required version we have asked for, which you downloaded from themeforest.net

Please note : the changes will be done as per the validated codes, we will revert me back to you within 24 hours.
If in case you any queries or concerns do revert me back i will be happy to assist you.

Steve Jefferson
Bug Fixing Associate - Diabolique.
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I believe this could be solved by making links and emails in the comments area only available to author of the comment and the author of the theme/plugin etc