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iProThemes said
It’s funny how people still complain about the originality in web design; while coming from a 10+ years experienced designer, design is dead.

Almost every design is rip of another and it’s called legal lately and you need to live with it.

And @weblusive, mate you need to come up with a more original idea if you want us on board, don’t take it personal but what you’re suggesting is a very cheap way to promote your site, not our themes :)



Onur, I understand your point about the originality of the project, however I can never agree with your phrase “cheap way to promote your site”. As you can see, I’m adding the themes myself, reviewing them and the more promoted my website is, the more leads can get the authors of themes featured there. What I was suggesting is just a bit of help from side of the authors as any author knows the strong and week points of their themes much better than me. Of course I have my profit from these sales, but this is how the business works from the beginning of existence of human race. Having all this said, what’s the cheap side of my offer?