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Envato team


Oh hai!

Are there any cyclists around here? There was a running competition organized some time ago, I think it would be awesome to do one for cyclists as well. :D

That sounds like fun!

Btw, if you’re using Strava, leave your profile link here, maybe we can create an Envato club ;)

Recently Mario (y’see, we do talk to the Studio developers ;-) ) introduced me to Strava and since then I’ve become an addict! It’s great being able to race against my previous segment times. My username is the same as it is on the forums.

How many kilometerers do you ride daily / weekly?

I’d not ridden for years but recently joined the throng of staff who cycle to Envato HQ most days. It’s about 10 km from door-to-door; a little longer if I take the scenic route. Melbourne has some great bike paths, I’m discovering.

BTW: who is Pete J? Looking at his profile I see another Envato Club

Ah I searched for Envato before creating, must have missed that existing one. Looking at the avatars that looks like an Envato staff group.

I’ll rename the group I created to Envato authors

Ah yes. Sorry. I was lurking on this thread this morning and joined the group before it was called “Envato Authors” and before I had a chance to write an introductory post. I’ll duck out of the Envato Authors club and stick with the existing Envato Riders club. I like the idea of a community club without the author / staff distinction, though.



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Yep, I also think would be greato to have an unique club. After all on the bike we are not authors or staff members, but only panting beings! :D

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Been on a MTB trip through the Black Forest today. Love my Bike :)

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Yup, I mountain bike a fair bit. Pretty cool, I hadn’t heard of Strava…I’ll check it out. I use this app called Runtastic.

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I’m not a road cyclist but I do quite a bit of Mountain Biking. I own a Trek and Fuji MTB.

Anyway, just saw this nice stylish city bike that looks interesting. I would enjoy having this or any of the bike concepts.


I guess it’s a bike design contest and the winner will have the bike developed.

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I don’t have a bike.
But as soon as I can walk in the mountains. Daily tours do even in the range of 25-28 kilometers. :)

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20Km every Day. Only Bike all day. :)