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Hey there,

Anybody else using AWS CloudFront on their website?

I just enabled it for a WordPress blog and a custom PHP script all hosted on a single domain. I had to use Route 53 as I wanted to point my apex domain record (ie: mysite.com without the www.) to CloudFront.

So far it seems to work ok. It has instantly cached all static content for me and I can see in the server logs that no static content requests are getting through.

All dynamic content seems to be working ok so far, even all ajax requests and other POST data in the custom PHP script.

Now I can concentrate on optimising some of the slower portions of this WordPress install.

Tomorrow I’ll try to figure out if it’s possible to make CloudFront cache everything if the user isn’t logged into WordPress (or has anything in a shopping cart). Hopefully there’s some feature in CloudFront that can check cookies to decide which requests to send through to my server.

Anybody else had experience with this (and WordPress)? Any problems I should look out for?


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I might be interested in this. I recently moved over to WPEngine, and I am not sure if I made the right decision.

Their “time to first byte” is very slow. Even though the pages are very fast, it takes a lot of time to reach the server.