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I use an apple full wired keyboard on Win7 too. Works like a charm. The ergonomics are so much better.

As for the monitor, I have a 24” and was thinking of getting a second 24” (Same model) Is it worth it?


Why do i feel satisfied with my 17 inch Acer monitor ? with a solid microsoft keyboard and a wired microsoft mouse ?!

I feel so awkward right now, looking at the pictures and reading the thread… But i love my setup and i am very comfortable with it (even though i am a 3d graphic designer) !

Cheers !

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Envato team

Awesome setup, we have the same screen and mouse… (although that one is only for gaming in my case, while for work I use either the tablet or the mx1100) :D

The keyboard looks great paired with the two screens as well. Nice job.

@3alisha it’s just a matter of multi-tasking or general workflow. If you’re the type of person that keeps everything nice and tidy organized from start to finish, you can do with a 14-16 inch laptop screen… but if you have a lot of projects to work on, and usually search for reference images, flip between reference and 3D or PS, dual screens or 1 HUGE screen help quite a lot. You will see what I’m talking about if you try it out for 2 days… you’ll never go back to 17. It’s not a must, just a set of “have to have it”’s after you’ve touched them…

Wireless mouse and keyboard… well yeah, pretty darn useless, except for the uncluttered desktop area, but as I was talking about my mx518 which is pretty oldschool already, and has served its share of endless shooters, it started having contact problems on the wire side… it just drops if I move the mouse too fast, then reconnects. Same thing goes with my favorite Chicony keyboard (you can buy 5 for 10$ I guess) I had for about 6 years… washed it so often the keys had no writing any more… but the connector and cable died on me.

Now I’m using a microsoft arc keyboard (also wireless, it’s small, and it’s not APPLE ! which is a big plus from my point of view, together with the fact that it’s black, just like the screens, laptop, wacom etc), and the logitech mx1100 also wireless, black-ish, heavy and calm.

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oh congrats for the worldcup…. ;)

Thanks Mate! :P