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No offense, but I disagree with you in some points:

  • A heavily appreciated item would be positive re-enforcement for both author and buyer potentially selling more.
  • Potentially new “top XX” list based on popular items – increasing sales based on positive re-enforcement

Not necessarily, you are basing a sales process on rating system. Remember this is a marketplace not devianart which is a place to showcase your portfolio as a designer and get feedback and comments from other designers.

  • Appreciated items would show design trends rather than buyer trends (design community typically working 4 years ahead of the public).
  • What do you mean by this?
  • On a per author basis you could see what is popular with designers but what might not be with buyers; this extra data can help improve files
  • An easy way to find out you gotta improve your designs is how are your sales going. Not always the case but another way is to check the at top selling authors list.

  • Reduces comment noise
  • and the consequent increase of the rating noise…

  • Most of us would love our work to be appreciated!
  • you can always get someone to invite you at dribble or go to devianart…but I understand how important and big is this community also.

    Rating system is great for buyers so this is more for us designers and seeing as it can only be a “+1” up-vote it can only be positive? Customers in a happy environment buy more too.

    That is not always the case. I dont buy base on a rating system. I purchase files base on what MY CLIENTS NEEDS . This is already a happy environment and we buyers are purchasing files here!

    Some thoughts…but I’m pretty sure the Dev’s already have on their list this kinda rating system.

    Have an awesome day.

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    @ZonadeArte great points! I had a look around the forums but couldn’t find this type of topic; my apologies if I am treading old ground. This is what I was after though as I am not saying this is a perfect idea – opinions for and against more that welcome.