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Are you fed up of inconsistent prices?

I ask this ask the more i look around graphics river the more i see prices that don’t match up,

I have a set of 50 pixel patterns price at $6, and bare this in mind i was the first to upload the pixel patterns over a year ago,

I look very recently and saw a set of 33 pixel patterns and they were priced at $7

I was the original artist and got a lower price, yet do it a year latter with less item and you will get a higher price.

for further insult i made a item it got rejected because it not original enough concept, but the content was original, and they pointed the list of what graphics river want and does not want, mine was not on the list of things not to do.

yet in the last week i have seen about 10 different metal dot backgrounds, which is on the list, it is just annoying that reviewers are not being consistent.

tried my best not to use any names or reference anybodies work tho it was tempting, but i am getting increasingly annoyed.

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How do you know that the author of the other pattern didn’t request a particular price?

I’ve had the price of 4 of my items changed (sometime higher, sometimes lower). From my experience, the reviewers are pretty good at changing the price to whatever I request. Some people may have an over-inflated opinion of the value of their files…?

Ultimately, if your file is of a comparible quality, but cheaper – then it’s going to sell better. So don’t worry too much about that.

As for the originality of files, then yes – sometimes I think that people (particularly when batch uploading) get away with files that are often of a lower quality – I know exactly which patterns you’re talking about, I saw 8 of them on the homepage at one time this week and was surprised they got accepted.

If you want to talk specifically about your metal styles item (I assume its the one in the item review forum), then I’d say that the quality is not exceptional. A lot of the styles don’t look all that metallic – in fact, one looks like chocolate! You’d have gotten away with that if there were less available, but there are some excellent metallic styles – hence why I would say the item was rejected.

In short, the reviewers might not always be completely consistent and I do think they need to take more time when processing large batches of files from one author – but overall, I’d say they’re about as consistent as you could expect any group of humans who are scattered across the globe.

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Yep just like Philmo, sometimes I request price. Usually for stocks that are in the same styles and sets. For example if I have two vector stock a guy and a girl typing on a computer, I will request to make it both same price.

If you want to change the price for approved item, contact support. They will change the price.