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Installed a WP theme from here from a client and spent 2 hours trying to get it to work is just a nightmare, things I noticed are:

- Can’t override core css as it’s set to show in the footer and not the header - The log upload doesn’t work without having to add the right widget to the header (why?) - Can’t overwrite the normal WP files as they have them but they just include another file which is hidden in deep folders - Changing colours (it coems with 10 pre-defined) is a chore, have to create a default theme colour then set the colour for that theme style.

I have bought in the region of 30 themes from here, under this account and other, and installed thousands of WP themes over the last 5 years but this theme is by far the worst I have come across for setting up the demo and customising the theme.

I can normally find my way around a theme within minutes and have a theme set up and ready to use within the hour but this one is going to take an absolute ago to do.

I have installed the theme so no chance of a refund (and the client really wants this one) but it’s an absolute pigs ear to use, it’s got a beautiful design on the frontend but the backend is useless for being used.

I am a WP theme creator and I would never dream of building anything like this, I mean who ignores the basic WP templating system and includes the whole header and footer in separate files.

and now breathe….....

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Envato team

You are certainly welcome to let our Support team know – http://support.envato.com/ If the theme is not working as described then the Review team will want to do a re-review. If you’re having problems then it’s highly likely that others will as well. Thanks!