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Hi there!

I am looking for an AS3 coder that can help me out. I am wanting to add some functionality to a mock-up multiple choice poll:

There are 19 different candidates, each with a box next to them.

When a box is clicked for the first time, the number 1 will appear. When a second box is clicked, a number 2 will appear (and so on, up to the total number of boxes). If a box is double clicked, the number will be erased from that box, and the number count will be reset to the previous entered box.

There will also need to be coding placed on the button that says ‘reset’, which will clear all the numbers from the boxes, resetting the number count.

There will be a button at the bottom, saying submit. If at least 5 boxes have not been entered, or none at all, it will take you to a section saying that this is the case. There will be two buttons, one saying continue, and try again. If the user clicks ‘continue’, they will go to another section which will say “thank you for voting etc etc”.

If at least 5 boxes have been entered, it will take you to another section which will display the users selected box choices from the previous section. The user will then be able to confirm this choice by pressing a confirm button, or press another button saying ‘try again’, which will return to the previous voting section.

I also want a user login for the poll (name and password), which needs to support 3 people. When each person successfully logs in, they will be taken to different polls- all based on the same design and coding functions, the only difference will be that there will be a different set of candidates for them to choose from. So maybe when they log in, it can link to different .swfs.

I do not want this to be a design job. I just need the scripting to make it all work. I will give you a .fla file with the design and buttons.

If you think you’re up to it and can come up a good solution, please reply to this thread with your price. :D

Thank you, Jess

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Hi Jess,

Welcome to ActiveDen! :)

I believe I could complete the freelance job, however, for obvious reasons I’m unable to offer you a quote here – also my fellow authors would tell you the same :)

Please contact me at my email address, that is tranceflash [dot] media [at] gmail [dot] com, or use the contact form on my profile page. Please provide your approximate budget, the deadline of the project, and any other project details you think I should take into consideration.


Best regards,

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Hi Jess.

I can code it for You. Please write me an email to support [at] premiumflash.net and we will discuss the details.