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A website I’m doing for a client is using a flash lightbox window when a button is clicked. Before the lightbox is launched a movie clip is generated dynamically and overlayed across the whole stage.

However if fullscreen is launched and the button is clicked before the fulscreen message “press ESC to exit fullscreen mode” disappears, the background overlay doesn’t appear! The lightbox content is launched as normal. Just no Background! Its very weird!

If I wait the 5 seconds until the message disappears fully, then everything work as normal!

Any one else come across this before or have any idea why this is happening?

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Could use some more info about your coding. It is hard to help when you do not include anything about your code/machine/browser. Have you verified that there is even a request made to load the image?

Here is something that may help.

Have you put code on frames inside your movie clips? Are you running fast frame rates?

If so here is a quote. “Setting a frame rate in your SWF file that is higher than 60, the maximum screen refresh rate, is useless. Setting the frame rate from 50 through 55 allows for dropped frames, which can occur for various reasons from time to time. “