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I wrote this on AJ forum on a similar subject and I think you too should read this :) Hello friends, First I want to thank my dear friend Jo (Ironykdesign) for such great feedback to all AJ authors and for showing what a great person he is. I`ve noticed that long time ago and he doesnt`t stop to amaze me. We all want to earn money here and we`ll try to do everything. We should all know where are the limits without someone telling us. If you create song that you think it will be great for video I don`t see anything wrong to contact some VH author and ask him if he/she is interested and if maybe inspired them. Don`t send mail like this: “Here is my new song” and copy paste it to many different authors. I think they would love it if you say hello first and if you name them by their names. After all, they are persons like we are, not some instruments through whom you wish to earn some money. Please try to contact authors that already used something similar that you are trying to send them. Don`t send logo sound to author that doesn`t have any video logo in his portfolio. After all we are two sites that need to work together. I`m very sad when I saw that some VH authors put the link of music from other site then AJ. We need to help each other because we are all ENVATO and we need to stick together and not send buyers to another company to buy music for their project. I hope I didn`t insult anyone from AJ or VH! Have a nice day to all!

That’s it! Straight to the point Leto. And I don’t like repeating myself, but I will say it now. If I need a music piece of my taste, believe me I will find it, regardless of how known or unknown you are, I WILL FIND IT. (Sometimes I spend couple of days just in search for right track) I will not only put it in my video with watermark on it, but I will also buy the track, like I did with almost every project I made (p.s. 59 purchases only on AJ).

Also, I DO NOT MIND authors contacting me via email or some other way, if that is not SPAM. And we all know what spam is, we can recognize it.

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well, since the direct approach by email offering my music for VH project did not worked, i tired something different:

http://videohive.net/forums/thread/youtube-video-promotion-using-vh-items-with-my-music-/97157 i am now trying to search for VH templates that can fit my music. i have created a youtube channels for this: http://goo.gl/f9pIh I am basically changing the background music of an existing project with my music, and cross promoting the VH author and myself. all, of course, with the permissio of the author. for now the approach was successfull and i have got several replies. i want to continue making this kind of videos and I will look for more templates when i will have some spare time.

let’s hope that the channel will get some views and boost the sales! :D