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Hello all,

I am experiencing issues with the Aurora 10 theme:

1. no pages shown at the top on home page (technically no home page for site)
2. Aurora settings don't show pages under that tab
3. Hompage box's don't all show in settings for aurora
4. there is no contact widget as shown in the theme
5. on contact page, i can't figure out how to put something beside the info on the right.

I’m discovering issues as I go.

Does anyone know how I can get back to the original screen where you choose the two instal options? I originally skipped because it had previous posts. I’m wondering if I chose the other, would it install better.

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Hi omegadk1!

Is this the template you purchased?


In response to your questions:

1. You need to add them manually. Go to Pages, and Add New, then add your pages (home, services, contact, etc)

2. Same as before. You see the settings tab on the preview, but you can always find the settings for the template on the dashboard panel on your WP login.

4. You need to add the widgets too. Go to appearance (left side of your wp dashboard), then widgets, and the drag and drop the widgets you want to the right column.

5. Go to pages (wp dashboard panel) select the contact page, click on “edit” and then add your content on the text editor.

Some more thoughts:

1. Did you try to email the author asking him for support?

2. Did you follow the instructions to set up the template on the help file provide with the template you purchased?

If you need more assistance, I can help you set the template for you (free of charge) send me an email at dr[at]zonadearte.org.

Have a good day.