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Hello one and all!

I’ve been on the marketplace for just over a month now and am absolutely loving it. I’ve learned loads from the forums, have a couple of items up for sale, just about to break through 100 sales and am working on some more items which I think will go down well (I hope).

I spend a lot of time on the ‘author dashboard’ screen and reckon there’s a few things that would certainly be useful. These are:

1) Latest item rating – it’d be great to see when your item has received a rating 2) Recent (or upcoming) badges earned – Would be a great place to show you what badges you’ve just earned and also as a little incentive, how close you are to the next badge(s) 3) I know you get the most ‘recent’ comments, but what be really useful would be a list of comments which you haven’t responded to – perhaps a way to mark comments as ‘read’, perhaps?

I’m sure there are plenty of other suggestions from much more experience authors than myself… what are your ideas?

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I agree. It’d be really nice if you could get a badge for rating items you’ve purchased. Out of all sales made, only a very small percentage of buyers actually come back and rate the item. Item ratings are of a huge help to authors and it’d be great if there was more incentive for buyers to rate their purchases.