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Hey, I understood every word! Perhaps it was the Russian!
Probably yeah, coz I didn’t :D

I am of some latin heritage, but I’m always making fun of Spanish speakers for saying JEW .

I’m American born, so it is like a jab in my side whenever I hear someone say ‘jew’ when they mean ‘you’ – but I hear JEW – that’s a Religious Title – basically Spanish has no ‘y’ sound except for the double L.

But ‘Llou’ just doesn’t translate, I think!


Spanish has no ‘y’ sound? you are wrong man. if you ask any person (that speaks spanish) to spell ‘you’ the most common answer will be ‘yu’.

We have a lot of words with Y, and Y has the same sound as ‘Ll’, Llave, Yate.

‘H’ is the one without sound.

I think most spanish speakers when starting out pronounce “you” like “shoo”, and write it like “yu”. Then when they learn how to pronounce it, they write “iu” :P

Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCBvu_nswUQ&feature=related :D

Exactly :)

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i’ve never needed help files, but i guess they’re useful for newbies… (like video games, who reads directions?)... :)